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Arudra Darisanam Dec 26-12-2015 - Thiruvathirai - Sri Natarajar Aarudhra Darshan - Chidambaram Thillai Festival Schedule Dates 2015-2016

Arudra Darisanam is celebrated on December 26, 2015 (Saturday). Every Year, Aarudhra Darshan is celebrated in the Margazhi Month (December - January) Thiruvadirai Nakshatra.

In Thillai Chidambaram, Maha Abhishekam will be done to Lord Nataraja and Goddess Sivakamasundari at Raja Sabhai in the early morning at around 3 am. 

The MahaAbhishekam will be held for about 3-4 hours. Then special Thiruvabaranam (Sacred Jewels) Alankaram, Rahasiya Pujai will be done to Sri Natarajar. 

After Pancha Murthi Thiruveethi Ula, at around 12 pm Noon, Lord Natarajar and Goddess Sivakami will bless devotees with Aarudra Darisanam and enter Kanaka Sabhai (Golden Sabha).

Chidambaram 10 Day Festival Schedule:

In Thillai Chidambaram, 10 day Brahmotsavam Festival will be held during Aardhra Dharshana. The Vahana Seva schedule is given below.

17 Dec 2015 (Thursday) - Dwajarohanam (Kodiyetram)
18 Dec 2015 (Friday) - Thanga Suriyaprabhai Vahanam
19 Dec 2015 (Saturday) - Velli Chandraprabhai Vahanam
20 Dec 2015 (Sunday) - Bhootha Vahanam (Silver)
21 Dec 2015 (Monday) - Velli Rishabha Vahanam

22 Dec 2015 (Tuesday) - Gaja (Yaanai) Vahanam (Silver)
23 Dec 2015 (Wednesday) - Thanga Kailasa Vahanam
24 Dec 2015 (Thursday) - Bhikshadanar in Golden Chariot
25 Dec 2015 (Friday) - Mahaa Rathotsavam of Sri Natarajar (Ther)
- Special Laksharchanai will be held in the night at Raja Sabai
26 Dec 2015 (Saturday) - Aardhra Dharsana 
- Maha Abhishekam at around 3 am IST (early morning)
- Aani Uthiram Darisanam at around 12 pm Noon IST

Special Puja will be done for Sri Maanikavasagar during the festival. Thiruvembavai, Sri Rudram Chamakam, Veda Mantras will be chanted during the festival.

5 Sabhas of Sri Natarajar
1) Kanakasabha (Gold) -  at Chidambaram (Thillai or Tillai), 2) Velli Sabhai (Silver) at Madurai, 3) Ratnasabha (Ruby) at Tiruvalankadu, 4) Tamrasabha (Copper) at Tirunelveli, 5) Chitrasabha (Pictures) at Kutralam.

'Aardhra' is the sanskrit name of Thiruvadirai Nakshatra. Sri Natarajar bless devotees with Darshanam on Aardhra Natchathiram.

In all Lord Shiva Temples Arudra Darshan is celebrated with great devotion. Note: Abhishegam to Lord Nataraj will be performed only 6 times per year

Video Clippings:
In Chidambaram, taking picture or capturing video of Sri Nataraja is strictly prohibited. During News Time in DD Podhigai, Vasanth TV, Jaya TV, Polimer TV, Raj TV, Thanthi TV - clippings of Abhishekam and Arudra Darisanam in Tirunelveli, Thiruvannamalai and other temples are normally shown.

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Next Year Arudra Darshan 2016-2017
In 2017, Arudra Darisanam is on January 11, 2017 (Wednesday) 


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I am planning to attend Audra Darisanam for this year 2013. Can anybody tell how to book the ticket for this Darisana and how the crowd would be.

Please provide more details if know.


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Thanks for 2015 Chidambaram Sri Natarajar Audra Darshan details. One should go and witness these 10 day festival in life and get the blessings of Lord Natarajar. Om Nama Sivaya.
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At chidambaram there is no tickets for aarudhraa dharshan.
U can dharshan the God Nataraajar without any tension.
U must dharshan the God at aarudhraa dharshan atleast once in your life.

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